Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Iron Chef comes up to the North

Hi, Madison! Thanks for your time Monday morning for the interview. Sorry for going off topic for a minute.

As a recent NOW Magazine article has documented that renounced Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto will be opening his first venture with Ink Entertainment later this year. 

This year's Taste of Toronto will be offering a taste of what he could be bringing to our city culinary landscape.  On page 11 of the guide displays the menu offerings.

Morimoto Toronto will be offering these items at the event:

Uni Carbonara - quail egg, smoked bacon, parmesan (8 Crowns)
Toro Tartare - caviar, sour cream,wasabi, dashi soy (10 Crowns)

These will surely be a big seller.  I can't wait to try these!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Sweets!

Just another quick update!

This is one of my favorite events for hopping around town and discover new places and rediscovery familiar spaces.  Macaron Day Toronto is back again this year!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Foodie February

I miss blogging and have the utmost respect for fellow bloggers that manage put so much time and effort on maintaining their sites.  There is still so much to learn. To get back into the rhythm, I have to say February is kicking off with 2 great events. 

The first I'm sure many people have heard is our own Winterlicious 2014

What I have also discovered is La Poutine Week where we celebrate one of our own unique cuisine! Many restaurants will be putting their own creative spin on this dish.  This is definitely something to try if Winterlicious is not to your liking.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rose & Son / Big Crow

First off, I would like to thank @ArtisanBakerTO for his response and giving me the extra push to get blogging again.

Also I decided to get data tethering to my cellphone (Not with Bell) no thanks to Bell Canada since I have been without home phone or DSL internet service for over a week now. :(

I also want to thank all the food bloggers out there that consistently put up new content. I don't know how or where they find the time to be able to do what they do so well and make it look so effortless.  Thanks for all your wonderful work!

Now back to blogging!

Since it was near the end of summer I wanted to hit some of the new bbq spots that have opened up recently to keep that patio feeling alive just a bit longer. It's not very often that I have a Friday off work so it was be best that I head over as soon as I can. On the street it was somewhat difficult to find them even if you had their address.  Luckily I was given I sign!   I saw someone on the sidewalk drafting in large print and an arrow directing the foot traffic.  Without that marker I would have felt like I was crashing someone's backyard party.  Honestly, that was what it felt like while walking in a narrow laneway in between two buildings. At the end of the short part presents an almost camp like scene with tall shrubbery and a exposed wooden cabin.

As a sun-worshiper I was glad that they had the shades up and open! It is quite a sight and I could definitely see this as a great patio for the summer.  Across the room there are various stations for the staff to prep and serve the patrons.  Cooking outdoors using an outdoor grill and natural hardwood is brought to the spotlight as it is showcased from these images posted from their website.

My appetite in the afternoon was not a large as it was for dinner. I was quite happy with my order of the jerk chicken wings with the potato salad and the grilled corn salad. Sadly, I did not share the same feelings for the drink. Iced sweet tea is a must for me on a hot summer's day.  Visually it looks great, that is until I took a quick quaff.  The taste was diluted from the volume of ice in the drink.  This could have been an honest mistake as the day was getting hotter and she may have wanted to keep my drink cool with more ice. I will give them the benefit of the doubt as the service staff scrambles to find some shade during the time I was there.

These jerk chicken wings were juicy and hot off the grill since I was the only person there at the time!  At first tasting the seasoning was quite prevalent and only after a few pieces later did the spicy heat started to kick in.  This should not scare those who don't like spicy food as it is just enough to give a taster a tingle. They should clarify a bit more on the menu as they have it listed as "jerk chicken wings - pineapple" when what was on the plate was a thin deli shaving of a pineapple that rested under the wings instead of something a bit more substantial.

The sides that accompanied the main dish were great.  Normally I don't like potato salad as it has all that heavy creaminess that it would regularly be prepared with.  This is much more lighter and refreshing with the grainy mustard dressing to liven it up as it was quite a hardy fare with grilled portobello mushroom slices and hard boiled eggs.   For those that love the Mexican style street corn without all the mess then they will love the Big Crow's spin on it. If memory serves me correctly, for 1 side order the cost is $4 and if you order 2 sides then it is cheaper.  

While it is still warm outside I will endeavor to comeback again for that outdoor camping feeling in the city I believed  that they have recreated the experience for the patrons. There is even a drinking game as I understand it from the locals every time a train passes by.  That would be something else to see!

Friday, April 19, 2013

SLURP Noodlefest V2

The first one was such a great event that I was elated that they announced the second one! This time is going to be spectacular with even more amazing vendors!

I really do want to apologize for not putting up my posting for the first one yet.  Here are some pics from the First Slurp Noodlefest just as a teaser!