Thursday, November 10, 2011

No Regrets, No Remorse

First off, bonus points if you know where this phrase comes from but that's not the subject here.

The seeds of this journey was planted when I saw the article by @karonliu on "Here's the beef". Next it was all the tweets about the burger wars and cattle battles (Twitter is a blessing and a curse since for foodies).  Finally I had to work Saturday morning so I had to detour to another gym to catch my favorite instructor.  All that sweating was worth it in the end though.

In the front of the store is the cute yet dark humored picture of a cow's head with a halo on a platter and a double cheeseburger head on a cow's body.  Great sense of humor!  It was nice to see that the owners did put effort into the decor as long as the food didn't suffer.  Chinese restaurants and decor... Jussayin.

This first piece of furniture caught my eye and brought back fond memories.  A fitting homage to a bygone era.  How is this in such pristine condition and where has it been hiding? I wonder if the owner always wanted one as a kid and now he's making one of his dreams come true?

To my right I see familiar looks just like the ones I see on television.  Downtrodden faces of despair and hopelessness yielding to the meaty menace before them with time quickly running out.  Two brave souls dared to take on the 'Go Chuck Yourself' challenge and hunched over in defeat.  Let me back up and explain what this challenge entails. Better yet let me show you!

If we could have a few more of these in town then I might be able to persuade one of my favourite tv personalities to come to Canada.  How does someone finish both in under six minutes is unfathomable to me.  My order is going to be something more realistic.  I don't even want to know how many calories or how many days at the gym will it take to clear my conscience.  On the menu itself again reflected their sense of humor for all things bovine and farm.  Many of their listings sounded great but I couldn't decide.  The server stepped out seeing the quizzical look on my face and suggested I try their signature feature first.  Now I was tempted but those milkshakes looks too damn and rich for my tastebuds today. Learning from experience I had asked to have the burger cut in half to get a cleaner and nicer photos of the burger.  What came was a bit of a shocker. I didn't see that one coming.

It is always a juggling act to get as many pictures as you can while the food is still hot.  After taking a few shots I decided to reassemble both pieces together for a few more shots.

Not wanting to waste anymore time I start to take a large bite out of it.  I haven't tasted a burger this good since Burger's Priest (which I still have neglected to blog about).  The burger was cooked medium and full of meaty moistness as opposed to well done and dry.  This was where the burger meat was the focus and the main attraction.  So many places , especially one that comes to mind, have excellent toppings but it covers up or loses the burger taste in the process. It tastes like a pure burger essence on a simple burger bun.  Here is a great blog about comparisons between the two burger titans at Food with Leg's Blog.

At the end of my meal I felt that this was a beautiful burger with no pretensions and nothing to hide.  The best part was that it didn't have the weight of a lead brick on my belly doing the walk of shame home from over indulgence. Can't ask for anything more than that can I? :)

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  1. I've heard so much about this place recently, and after this post, I really want to go try it out! That burger looks monstrous!

  2. That's their signature burger. @Wherejessate also tried it and thought it was awesome also. @HOLYCHUCKBURGER has came out with many new menu items like grilled asparagus an bernaise sauce, braised veal cheeks, Fois Gras Poutine and some new shakes too. Definitely put this place on your list! :)