Thursday, December 1, 2011

Food's Greatest Stage

This time I am taking some advice from fellw foodies that I've met from @Chopstickhero's #FSEatup.  I'm going to try to post just pictures and leave the talking to BlogTO's review.  These pictures are the ones I've managed to take before my fingers froze and to be on time for @chopstickhero's #FSeatup. :)

To paraphrase another foodie:  This is just a supermarket people!


  1. whoa it's so big and nice inside! I think I'm going to have to see it for myself soon. hehe!

    How was any of the food?

  2. Do you mean the food from Loblaws? I didn't get a chance to try it since I was running back to the subway to make it for the foodspotting eatup. The college streetcar is notoriously bad for being on time.

    The food at Fuel House was great. I never really liked pickles but these ones were nice and has a nice snap after it was fried. I'm posting it up a blog about it too. Met some great people there too!

  3. Whoa! Check out that lineup outside!

    It's a freaking awesome supermarket, but I gotta say I was surprised with how many people have been flocking there just to see it. Looks like the Longos at Union has some competition...