Monday, June 20, 2011

Pretty Busy this past weekend

Just putting up a quick update.  This weekend had at least 3 events that I know of that was happening in TO.  Saturday I was at the 'Taste of Little Italy' and Sunday I tried to squeeze both the 'Deli Duel 2' and Luminato / President's Choice 1000 Tastes and to try to cook dinner for the family.  This last one only just came to my attention by some friends on twitter.  Luckily my sister wanted to grab takeout instead so that frees me to crash both events before dinner.  Thanks, Sis!

Since there was alot of people that like the shot of these Vietnamese spring rolls I'll just do a quickie write up until I can organize my stuff and do a big post for the weekend that just passed.

I'm still a bit confused about Foodspotting if someone can help explain something for me.  That shot has 6 'great shots' but no noms and want its.  Meanwhile I have another picture that has no 'great shots' and 9 nom it and 13 want it.  What does that mean? Anyone?

1 comment:

  1. u had quite a busy weekend cant wait to read ur post

    for foodspotting, think of it as votes...ppl just choose either they think it's a great shot, or they want wat u had or they nom it cause they think it's a great pix...or they check all the boxes which is even better for u...either way it's kinda like a voting system of some's all good no matter wat they check on..hope that helps:)