Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Still a bit angry and disappointed

I figured I should give it some time before I started posting an angry rant that I'll regret later.  It's been 24hrs since the crew at Epic Meal Time (EMT) was in Toronto at The Stockyards.  It was announced on the twitterverse that they were in town and was going to share their location for a fan meet and greet.  The moment it was announced, I was out the door to my destination.  I must have waited twenty minutes for the St.Clair West streetcar in rushhour.  Now I regret not taking a picture because the lineup stretched from one end of the platform to another.  When I finally arrived the women behind the counter said they just left! Add to that, Stockyards now only makes their smoked meats for special occasions! Not a good day for me.

NOOOoooooo!!! Curse you TTC! 

It feels SO much better blaming them even though it may not be completely their fault. It didn't take me an hour and they were already gone. :(

The only consolation was the flyer in my hand for Deli Duel 2

This just gives me more motivation to work out my frustration at the gym and another reason to head to Menchie's. <3

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