Monday, August 29, 2011

Food Truck Eats #2 - Breakfast Edition August 19

This was really a spur of the moment.  I got an email from Second Harvest to volunteer for the morning Food Truck Eats and I pounced on it.  Now I'm not just here for the food! The Second Harvest team I heard was already there even before 6am!

Finally arriving at the front gates I had to take a picture with as many trucks in a line up as I could.

It was a nice and leisurely morning with the humming trucks revving up my appetite.  The trucks themselves are just as unique as the food they serve.  Here is a sample of the many colorful trucks on display.

Walking around the area I hear that some vendors were giving out free stuff so I had to investigate. The unmistakable aroma of sausages cooking in the air led me first to Olliffe Grill.  These sausage crepes was a great way to start the morning.  My stomach wanted more after the first bite of the sausage with the tangy berry sauce.  It was a nice combination of sweet, salty and sourness.

Smoke's Poutinerie wasn't very far away so I figured I wanted to stop by and them about the promotion they did the day before.  Their truck was right outside the Rogers Centre (a.k.a Skydome) and was offering free poutine with every donation to the Daily Bread Food Bank.  That day had a steady stream of people lining up for contributions and the freebies.  Now they are back for this event and they are still collecting donations for their charity.  At the end of the great conversation they graciously asked me if I wanted to try one but I had to decline since it was still pretty early in the day.  I promised that I would return later and take them up on their offer.

Quite a few vendors had special breakfast menus which was a pleasant surprise.  There was no way I was going to sample everything and then come back tomorrow for the main event. 

By this time I really wanted a drink and wasn't in the mood caffeine so the pineapple juice was just what I wanted.  The pyramid shape reminds me of the freezies that I had in my childhood.  Seeing my curios look, the vendor chided in that this is imported from the Middle East and it is very popular there.  Tasting this I noticed that it didn't have that processed taste and that it was not as sweet as others that I have tried.

Keep in my I still want to save some room to return to the Smoke's Poutine Truck.  When I saw this I had to ask what was this new creation?  This isn't your old fashioned soft service cone.  Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? It has the consistency of a soft serve but has ingredients inside like a gelato or other frozen desserts.

Now I see that Breakfast Television is going from truck to truck interviewing each vendor.  After those interviews they came to our group and we even got some air time.  My thirty seconds of fame on air although I don't think many friends would be awake at that time.  Near the end of the broadcast they started to gather all the vendors together as well as all the food for one final group shot.

After my little expedition to explore the area I return to see that my group got a "Smeggy" compliments of the Caplansky's truck.   This sandwich was a beauty with all the vivid colors from the eggs, tomatoes and marbled cheese as well as the warm toasted english muffin.  Meanwhile I have kept my word and returned for the Chili Poutine.