Monday, August 8, 2011

T&T Asian Night Market

One of my friends that went with me to Japan said we should the famous Asian night markets in Taiwan.  If really want good food cheap then we should make that our next Asian destination.  This is the feeling I believe T&T wanted to try to capture and bring to the masses.  The weather was cooperating for the first day of the event as it sure felt like the descriptions of the weather in Taipei.  That day could have been the hottest day of the summer.  The choice was either to go at that and hope there would be less people or wait for tomorrow to cooldown and have a larger crowd. My decision was already made since I'm so close to the event.  No lake shore breeze was going to tell you otherwise.  Leaving the gym after 9pm, trying to adhere to my policy of no food also after 9pm and the stagnant swelter spelled doom for any appetite I may have had to indulge.

Food was plentiful there and whether or not some of them were Taiwanese I wouldn't have a clue at all.  Much of the vendors present reminded me of the Taste of Asia near Pacific Mall a few weeks back.  A few familiar food stands showed themselves again that night.

This event was better represented by other Asian cuisines such as Filipino, and Vietnamese.

 In terms of uniqueness, this event wins over 'Taste of Asia".  So many of these are very intriguing to my tastebuds.  If bacon couldn't get me salivating then there was no hope for my stomach that night.

T&T themselves occupied a large portion of the grounds almost akin to an island.  Here are some shots to show you their heavy presence.

It was not all about food here. There was a stage with a band, street art, and even a corner with tuner cars and other vehicles.

At the end of the night it was a long wait for the TTC as I melted on the sidewalk.  Chatting up with a stranger also waiting for the bus helped ease the boredom.  As it turns out he is one of the vendor there. We talked about his business and the entrance fees to join the event are high and that some vendors don't even make any profits at all.  That definitely gave me something to think about.

This night was still enjoyable and I would return here for next year.  Can't wait for my pufferfish bacon dog!  (Really I'm kidding. )

Sorry for the delays!  I will be having a review of a sit down place called Spoon and Fork Etobicoke soon.  Summers are so busy with alot of good events happening all over town.
Jan 03, 2012
It's the new year and I'm embarrased to see that I still haven't put that up yet.  This will be rectified after I post up my visit to Banh Mi Boys!

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